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  • On Friday May 1st, from 6PM – 9PM OAK 910 South Broadway in DTLA will transform into a gallery exhibiting three artists’ work in our Moving Spaces Show. Afterwards, we’ll head across the street for our after party upstairs at ACE Hotel. Leading up to the event, we’ll be introducing you to the artists, Dez’Mon Omega Fair, Harrison Driggs Fraley, and Samantha West in our Mixed Medium blog series. We hope to see you there!

    About Moving Spaces:
    Established on the ideas of luxury, escapism, and indulgence, LA adds newness to its appeal. Recent migrations within the States begin to trend themselves westward as New York city continues to swell, leaving little space for a creative population. Insinuating the country’s new home for ambition, free thought, and undiscovered, unpretentious, artistic acumen; Los Angeles, California is the apparent now.

    The west coast beckoned OAK with continued blue skies, repeat palms, and distant mountains in its welcoming vista of opportunity. Being apart of the city has been a fortuitous move for us and in that move we’re enthused to share our space with artist hearing the same call to LA. Our first exhibition, Moving Spaces, found three former NYC art makers inchoate and emerging in LA: Samantha West, Harrison Fraley, and Dez’Mon Omega Fair. With them, we explore the notion to mental space, the importance of location, quality materials, and the resources needed to create good work. We ask these artists, why LA? Why now?

  • Loved doing this shoot with Gloria Noto and Alex Noiret for Set Daze xx sw



    Click image for full story and products 

    Analogous colors are groups of colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel…in this case Red, undertones of Yellow, and Orange.  It’s always fun to look at a color wheel to see random color schemes that you may not think would go well together, and play with them! 

    On Alex I used : 

    1 Soleil Tan De Chanel all over her face for a sheer wash of shimmer instead of a foundation

    2 Then applied an orange shimmer eyeshadow from Makeup Forever all over her eye lid in a oval shape including the bottom lash line, using a rounded brush helps give the edges of the shape a softness 

    3 A thick coat of Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Heat Wave ( the perfect matte orange lipstick !!) was applied with a sharp flat tipped brush to give the shape precision, and then another coat was added for even more opacity

    4 Three layers of Votre Vu Mascara was applied to give a the lashes solid definition without using an eyeliner 

    This look was shot by Samantha West in my home studio located in SIlverlake on a lovely Saturday afternoon!  

    Try out three colors on the color wheel and send me the final photos! I want to see what you come up with !


  • Flowers Today in Long Beach

    09272014 Long Beach, Ca

    By Samantha West

  • Loved working with the effervescent Alex Noiret and my creative partner in crime and incredible make up artist, Gloria Noto of Set Daze.  xx SW



    Click image for full look and product lists

    I like to call this look the “Modern 60’s Cool Girl”…She is edgy but still sweet with her cat eye tipped bronze lids, subtle peach lip, and strong brow.  Her skin is dewy and flawless and her confidence is alluring and playful.  

    This is the look I get asked the most often to recreate weather it be from friends wanting to try something new on themselves, an magazine editor wanting the model to look sexy but not overly done up, or a celebrity who wants their eyes to stand out but still look like themselves…We all want to look effortlessly awesome, and this is a look that can help you achieve it.  Alex Noiret, one of my most favorite muses and Samantha West, one of my most favorite photographers, helped me create this look.

    On Alex I used :

    Weleda Rose lotion for a gentle and nourishing softness 

    Chanel liquid bronzer Soleil Tan was then applied for sheer highlight to the entire face, instead of foundation

    Chanel eyebrow pencil to taylor the edges of the brow to give a full appearance, then I combed them into the desired shape

    ( I love to give a heavy brow with a cat eye sometimes, as I feel the tapered brow shape mimics the tapered edge of the cat eye, playing nicely together for a bold yet natural look ) 

    Votre Vu eyeliner in Chocolate was then used over the entire lid, creating a red brown creamy base for the eyeshadow, as well as allowing you to get precision in the shape you want to create

    (With a round edged brush you then can buff out the edges slightly as to make it a more defused and softer shape )

    I then applied Pixie bronze shadow over the entire shape that we just created with the pencil and in the center of the lid I added a lighter golden hue to give a more ombre gradation to the colors

    A thick layer of Mascara was applied to the top lash and a lighter amount was applied to the bottom lashes, allowing the bottom lash line to be a bit less heavy and more open

    Dior Addict lipstick was applied to the lips as the final step

    Samantha then took Alex outside for some final shots in the beautiful California Sun!

    Now it’s your turn to try it on yourself! Send me photos and show me what you did!

  • <3 SunKissed <3

    Self Portrait, The Last Day of August 2014

    Los Angeles, CA

    By Samantha West