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  • On Friday May 1st, from 6PM – 9PM OAK 910 South Broadway in DTLA will transform into a gallery exhibiting three artists’ work in our Moving Spaces Show. Afterwards, we’ll head across the street for our after party upstairs at ACE Hotel. Leading up to the event, we’ll be introducing you to the artists, Dez’Mon Omega Fair, Harrison Driggs Fraley, and Samantha West in our Mixed Medium blog series. We hope to see you there!

    About Moving Spaces:
    Established on the ideas of luxury, escapism, and indulgence, LA adds newness to its appeal. Recent migrations within the States begin to trend themselves westward as New York city continues to swell, leaving little space for a creative population. Insinuating the country’s new home for ambition, free thought, and undiscovered, unpretentious, artistic acumen; Los Angeles, California is the apparent now.

    The west coast beckoned OAK with continued blue skies, repeat palms, and distant mountains in its welcoming vista of opportunity. Being apart of the city has been a fortuitous move for us and in that move we’re enthused to share our space with artist hearing the same call to LA. Our first exhibition, Moving Spaces, found three former NYC art makers inchoate and emerging in LA: Samantha West, Harrison Fraley, and Dez’Mon Omega Fair. With them, we explore the notion to mental space, the importance of location, quality materials, and the resources needed to create good work. We ask these artists, why LA? Why now?